Challenge: Create a mechanism to connect people in the greater Battle Creek area who have significant hurdles to employment, agencies that can help overcome those hurdles, and employers who need a consistent and qualified workforce.
Process: All stakeholders were interviewed to uncover and understand and define challenges and needs. Word-associating sessions were held to brainstorm potential user stories, concepts were ideated and refined internally, then tested with volunteers from the demographic representing our stakeholder communities. Several rounds of revisions were completed with subsequent testing.
The Outcome: Connect Battle Creek branding was designed with intention, tested and vetted with stakeholders, and successfully applied to communication tools (to date) such as a highly interactive website and videos.
My involvement in the process was during the Design Thinking phase of brand development—ideating, iterating, directing, and collaborating to develop concepts through final approval. Credit for the final brand design, website, and video development goes to others on my team.
Work is the sole property of LKF Marketing  |  Designed in collaboration with Allison McKenna

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