The Michigan Craft Beverage Council (MCBC) was established within the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to provide for research into Michigan agricultural products, such as fruits, hops, and barley, that are used in the production of Michigan wine, cider, beer, spirits, and mixed spirit drinks. 
This is a refresh of the original website I design a few years ago that launched this new organization within MDARD. This website was an evolution of the Michigan Wines Council. The MCBC website revision needed to refine its focus in order to bring together researchers, growers, and crafters to create a more robust craft beverage industry in the state. This was accomplished by incorporating rotating banner images representing these branches as well as adding more diverse imagery to the landing pages. 
This site was a wonderful collaboration between the client, usability expert, programmer, and designer to develop a user-friendly database-driven tool.
Work is the sole property of LKF Marketing  |  Designed by Jennifer Hauschild ​​​​​​​
Michigan Craft Beverage Council Website
Mockup by Zlatko_Plamenov / Freepik

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